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We are offering free ear microsuction on Tuesday 27th June 2023.


An initial consultation at our clinic will be required at least 5 days before the procedure.

The TympaHealth unit:

How does it work?


Book an appointment for an initial consultation

Book at a time that suits you through our website or you can call us on 02039879202. Each appointment is booked for a 15-minute time slot. 


Use olive oil ear drops for 5 days before your appointment

Using olive oil ear drops is important to soften the wax to allow for a successful microsuction procedure. We recommend using the ear drops three to four times a day for up to 5 days before the appointment.


Attend your earwax removal appointment on 27/06/2023

During the 30-45 minute appointment, our trained pharmacists will explain the process and complete a risk assessment form with you. They will then use a special camera to look inside your ears and proceed with microsuction. Photos and videos can be taken to show you the results at the end. 



If the earwax is not soft enough. the removal can be unsuccessful. In this case, we would recommend a follow-up appointment after using olive oil ear drops for 5 days. 


You may feel dizzy after the procedure but this usually passes quickly. 

If you continue to experience any symptoms such as discomfort and tinnitus after earwax removal, please discuss this with your GP.


We recommend annual reviews following your appointment.

The Tympa System is the most advanced, comprehensive, handheld ear and hearing healthcare check-up system.

The Tympa System includes high-definition digital otoscopy, microsuction wax and debris removal and a hearing check.

Photos and videos can be taken inside the ear which can be shared with you and to an ENT specialist if required for a second opinion.


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