How much does it cost?

The prices vary for different blood tests, depending on how many biomarkers are analysed. All prices are displayed next to the test. These are excluding the £30 phlebotomy fee to withdraw blood.

Do I need to fast for my blood test?

All the blood tests we offer do not require fasting, unless your doctor has asked you to do so. Please drink plenty of water before attending your appointment.

What is the minimum age to have a blood test?

We currently only undertake blood tests for people over 16 years of age.

What happens during the appointment?

Our pharmacist will talk you through the procedure of taking the blood sample to ensure you are happy to go ahead. The appointment usually takes 10-15 minutes.

What if I don't like needles or blood?

Our trained pharmacists are here to try make you feel as comfortable as possible during the blood test. We recommend lying back in our phlebotomy chair whilst the test is being undertaken. It should only take a few minutes to take the blood sample. If you have any further concerns, please contact us.

Are there any side effects to having a blood test?

A very small amount of blood is taken, therefore there should not be any severe side effects. A few mild side effects that may occur include soreness and bruising at the site where the needle was inserted. However, this will subside over a few days.

How and when do I get my results?

We aim to send your results within 48 hours, unless otherwise stated. The results are emailed to you.

Do you share my results with my GP?

No, we do not share your results. However, we suggest discussing any abnormal results with your GP for further investigation.

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